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Folds of the Ceiling

The temple’s ceiling is its cupola within which swallows fly alluding to a utopia of space. In a beautiful quote, the cupola elevates the art space to a sacred place, whiter than White Cube. Alke Reeh has photographed the cassette ceiling of the White Hall at Lichtenberghaus and had it printed—the broad bands cut meticulously according to a precise plan, folded into a vault. Stalactite vaults are cupolas inspired by stalactite caves, as she ironically calls this vault which is, however, rather a cellular vault. Its cassette ceiling exposes the weight-bearing parts but is now transformed into the euphoistic inoperability of the decorative cells of a folded circular fan. Suspended from the ceiling, it becomes temple and effigy, at the same time. Below this canopy, and this is typical for Alke Reeh’s works which ocillate between ornament and function, interior and exterior, gravity and lightness, the world is reflected in the folds of the fan.

Tina Lüers


gefächerte Decke